Art Collections

“The beauty of art is in the process!”

For the artist Deborah Marsh, art has always been an experience. What starts as an initial idea manifests into something much more than anything expected.

From start to finish, Deborah's paintings now blossom like a flower. Most of her subjects are of female portraits and figures, but not limited to just that. Like taking a fine recipe, she always changes up the ingredients to her paintings, not sticking to just one medium. It’s that process that brings her the most joy, results in her best work, and the most encouragement from others to continue.

Now you can own original prints, and printed products, featuring some of these beautiful works of art from Deborah's various collections. 

The store is currently featuring works from the latest, Glitter Gals collection, and from The Painted Ladies Collection, plus a few more.

You can check out the full collection by visiting the Debbie's Living Canvas website, as well as view other paintings and work created by the artist Deborah Marsh.